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Friday, 29 September 2017

Inktober ZIA prompts

Hey there tangling friends!

This will be the 3rd year I have joined in with Inktober and I decided to get organised and create prompts ready for the beginning of October. Inktober was created in 2009 by Jake Parker and the idea is to fill the 31 days of October with 31 ink drawings. I hope you will join with me and use the prompts suggested below. Participants may choose which prompts they wish to do and those with more time or larger Zen needs may choose to do all the prompts. I don’t want anyone to feel they have to do everything, or feel guilty that they’re not ‘keeping up’ - the idea is to have fun and find our Zen.

I will post the first 15 days prompts here and the remainder in 2 weeks time, Participants May start any time in the month, but it’s not necessary to start at the beginning. The idea is that at the end of the month you should have 31 individual tiles/drawings. You could do them on a calendar, put all of them on one larger piece of paper, or put 31 separate traditional Zentangle tiles into an album. You can draw on whatever you like - traditional 3.5” Zentangle tiles, white paper, coloured paper or digital Zentangle. Please post your work to the group - we love seeing how everyone interprets the prompts differently! And please add the hashtag #Inktober so we can easily find everyone’s beautiful contributions.

There will be a variety of prompts through the month, which will include, but not to be limited to, duo tangles, strings, a word or quote, colours, reticula or fragments, blogs or videos, favourite artists and patterns..... You can choose however you feel led by the prompts. So the first prompt for the 1st October is Pastel - you could use pastel coloured paper, pens or pencils, watercolours or Distress Inks. The 2nd of October Prompt is Cadent - there are loads of different ways to draw this pattern, you can keep it simple by just doing a Cadent monotangle with its variations or you can add Cadent into a ZIA (Zentangle inspired art) with other patterns. I hope this explanation has helped you to understand how to join in. If you have any questions, please shout and we’ll help.

1st October
‘Pastel’ - see above explanation

2nd October 
Cadent by Maria Roberts
Find the pattern step out and variations here

3rd October
Waves - you can choose anything that you feel drawn towards... do a seascape tile, use the pattern Wavz, use colours you associate with waves...
Click here for a Pinterest board with lots of ideas.

4th October
Stars - use a pattern to create a star shape
Eg, Betweed, Footlites, Stella, Spokies, Oringel
See my Betweed star here.

5th October 

Grid patterns - choose any grid pattern you like. Maybe try a new to you pattern? And just use your black pen and graphite to shade today.
Loads of patterns to choose from here.

6th October 
Use one or more patterns beginning with G
Find a comprehensive list here.

7th October
Green - choose however you feel led... green paper, paint, pens, pencils, inks, incorpate a green leaf into you drawing...

8th October 
Triangles - use a triangle shape tile, string or patterns
Find some ideas here.

9th October
Official tangle pattern Pepper
Step out here.

10th October
Any pattern by Helen Williams (A Little Lime)
Find her board here.

11th October
Renaissance tiles with sepia pen - these are tan coloured paper.
Alternative prompt if you don’t have any tan paper - use a coloured pen on white paper
For both prompts - you have free reign to draw whatever ZIA you like, just keep it simple with one colour pen though

12th October 
Choose any 2 patterns from these...
Botanical patterns

13th October 
Purple -  choose however you feel led... purple paper, paint, pens, pencils, inks, maybe try dying your paper with some blackberry juice...

14th October
Yewdee by Peg Farmer
Step out here.

15th October
Flowers - use any flower patterns you like
Eg, Panzee, Laflor, Hennadrum, Laceflower, Sheleaf, Florastella

16th October

String 249

17th Take colour from these beautiful birds

18th Zendalas - there are some wonderful examples here

19th Keep it simple today with black and white Knightsbridge.
Here’s my board

20th Take your inspiration from Margaret Bremner
Find her patterns here

21st Duo ZIA of Flips-C and Pomcoco, both by YuRu Chen

22nd Tangle on something other than your usual paper choices.
Examples - sheet music, magazine, a page from an old book (dig out your Mills & Boon!), napkins/serviettes, a recipe, a photograph.

23rd Feel the love today and tangle a heart - use heart patterns or tangle inside a heart shape, or both!

24th Neon colours - show us your brightest hues today!

25th String 126

26th Use circle patterns today
Lots of ideas here.

27th Tangled letters today - Draw a letter and tangle inside the lines.
Some ideas here.

28th Black paper - draw any patterns you like on black paper with white or coloured pens and pencils.
Some examples here

29th Aquafleur - this is one of my favourite Zentangle patterns. Do an Aquafleur monotangle today.
My board is here

30th Feathers - create some feathers either by tangling inside a feather or use feather patterns like Featherfall
Examples here

31st Halloween - draw anything you like inspired by Halloween. E.g. purple, orange, the pattern Gourdgeous, tangle on a pumpkin, draw a ghost shape and tangle inside.
Lots of ideas here

Bonus day 1st November
All saints day - draw anything you like inspired by a saint. For example, St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, so I’d draw the Scottish Saltire flag and tangle inside using blue. St Paul - perhaps take inspiration from the dome at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. St Valentine - hearts and love! 

I hope you have fun with these prompts.


  1. What an amazing lesson plan for tanglers, with differentiation by outcome. I am going to use this template for every "Inkber" of the year! Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much 😊 There are more prompts coming soon.

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  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful prompts. They got me through Inktober and I have 31 wonderful tiles to show for my month. It's the first year that I haven't stalled out part way through the month.